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The gator's tail is used to "grip" the tooth. The top setting (nearest to the "tooth-gripping end" or the gator's tail) usually works best for smaller "front teeth." The bottom setting (furthest away from the "tooth-gripping end") usually works best for larger "back teeth." If confused about which setting to use, either works well for any tooth!!



Squeeze the handle (gator's head) and place on a loose "baby tooth." Gripping tip should be next to the child's gum tissue. Release pressure on the handle. This will squeeze the "baby tooth" - often popping the tooth into the gator's tail! If not, gently wiggle the GatorGripper® until the tooth is removed.



The GatorGripper® will only remove loose "baby-teeth." If the tooth is not ready to be removed, then the GatorGripper® will simply slide off of the tooth. In this situation try GatorGripper® another day.




One of the advantages of using the GatorGripper® is that it applies a "pressure numbness" when placed on the loose tooth so a child will have an experience that's virtually pain-free.



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